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Young Adults

In edition to our fortnightly Men & Women's Nights, young adults will gather monthly for a time of fun and encouragement in our faith. 

Image by Helena Lopes
Image by James Baldwin
Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Image by Samantha Gades


The focus of the young adults ministry is to empower young people to pursue and activate their giftings and walk in their unique purpose. We provide a safe place to navigate life's big questions and how to live a life well and pleasing to God in modern times. Our young adults are encouraged to join our multi-generational men and women's groups to connect with the wider church community. Through this they can experience the benefits of being connected to those with greater life experience and also guide and support those who are younger. 

Once a month, a formalised gathering takes place. Informal and spontaneous gatherings will also just happen! So be sure to keep up with the latest events.

Young ADULTS Leadership Team


Caleb Maxwell

I'm a lover of people. I never feel more at home than when I'm surrounded by a diverse group of my peers who all share a desire to grow closer in their relationship with Jesus. 

I have a strong desire to help young adults waste less time being aimless and anxious and more time being purpose filled and confident in God's beautiful and wonderful design for them.


Samantha Maxwell

I'm married to Caleb Maxwell and we have a beautiful son, Quinton. I love being a mother, looking after my backyard chickens and when I have time, needle felting.

I'm excited for the young adult community to grow and thrive at Creek Street Church and in Bendigo. Life is better together and challenges are easily overcome in a close knit group of people. 

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